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Summaries of Projects Financed by
the NLPA Sheep & Goat Fund


Project #14 -- Animal Damage Control

This loan provided funding for purchase of an aircraft, needed repairs to the aircraft being purchased and repair to one of the existing aircraft currently owned by the association. One of the services the association provides to the industry is an integrated animal damage control program in cooperation with USDA/APHIS - Wildlife Service. The aircraft owned by the association are leased to USDA/APHIS - Wildlife Service through a cooperative agreement. All of these aircraft are outfitted for predator control. The association's aircraft are well maintained and are top rated aircraft for their particular design and use. This program has been in existence since 1982 with the latest cooperative agreement dated June 1998. This program has proven to be very beneficial to Idaho lamb and wool producers with revenues received from the leasing of these aircraft covering all costs related with the program.

Project #22 -- Livestock Merchandising Center

This loan will help the University of Tennessee Meat Goat and Sheep Education and Research Center at the Livestock Teaching Center of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the Martin campus in completing construction of a Livestock Merchandising Center dedicated to the public merchandising of all species of livestock, especially sheep and goats, and to establish a teaching and research complex for sheep and meat goats. The project is primarily directed at research, education and outreach to assist producers in developing production programs and marketing strategies to enhance the sheep and meat goat industry in Tennessee and the surrounding region.

Project #23 -- Goat Association

The a breed-specific goat association is working to take a leadership role in an effort to consolidate the Boer goat industry. They hope to bring together all of the Boer goat associations with the goal of forming a united front to build a strong industry with a successful and viable future. The funds received will be used to finance their headquarters building and equip this association to effectively use their newly acquired state-of-the-art registry program. They also plan to incorporate additional programs of promotion, sales and services for members.

Project #25 -- Weed Control and Fire Protection

This loan was made to a Montana-based business developed using sheep to perform the much-needed service of weed control and fire protection. As the life style in Montana changes from farms and ranches to a more urban setting the need to control noxious weeds and undesirable grasses without the constant use of chemical herbicides is constant. This service is available to subdivisions, community parks, and any small acreage where there is a weed problem. This funding will be used to purchase and maintain fencing and equipment and increase the scope of their business. This business works closely with local weed boards, homeowner groups, county governing groups, Montana State University, county extension agents, Montana Wool Growers Association and the Montana Department of Wildlife and Parks to determine where this service can be most effective. Because of the urban locations of where this service operates they are in a position to educate the public on the sheep industry.

Project #31 -- Feed Company

A feed operation in Wyoming is using the Fund to consolidate debt and enhance business operations. The company manufactures primarily alfalfa pellets that are in high demand with local lamb feeding operations.

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Project #35 -- Risk Management Company

A company in Colorado used funds to develop a risk management tool previously unavailable to sheep producers. Lamb price insurance is offered by the company to protect sheep and lamb producers against widely fluctuating prices.

Project #47 – Sheep & Goat Marketing Center

This loan was established with a regional livestock market center in Tennessee. It consists of a 25,000 sq.ft. livestock auction facility situated on a 5 acre road frontage tract. The animals are offered to the buyers in graded co-mingled groups, which has proven to provide several dollars in added value to the sellers and provide a more uniform set of animals to the buyers.

The funds will be used to consolidate out of pocket construction expenses into a long term mortgage, which will follow the best management practices for a solid business plan. The strong demand for market goats and lambs out of this center has encouraged producers in the region to grow and expand their productions.

Project #49 -- Wool Insulation

This loan has helped a wool insulation manufacturer obtain funding for investment in production equipment and facilities, which includes the initial phases of a greatly expanded marketing and research program.

In addition to the relatively high volume utilization of domestic wool in grades that might otherwise be wasted, the operation will create approximately 30 new jobs. These will be family wage opportunities in the manufacturing, marketing, distribution and management areas of the facility.

Project #52 -- Insurance Company

This loan was made to a sheep industry owned insurance company. The funds are necessary for this company to meet the statutory minimums in several of the key states important to the sheep industry.


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